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How to use this site

This is a step-by-step guide to show you how to obtain an online quote and ''create your own cover'.

  1. Get a quote
    The first step is to enter the total replacement value of your bicycle(s) - (that's the price it would normally cost new and undiscounted, from a cycle shop and also including VAT) and your postcode.
  2. Create your own cover
    Now you can start to add in the cover options that suit your needs. If you race on your bicycle or need cover outside of the UK - you can add these options in. Your quote will update automatically as you select or de-select cover options.
  3. Number of bicycles
    You can insure up to 3 bicycles, which belong to you, on your policy.
  4. Area cover
    This option allows you to specify the geographical area that you require cover for. Your cover includes use of your bicycle throughout the UK, if you take your bicycle abroad, then select the appropriate extension below:
    • Additional cover for the EU for 90 days per year (45 day maximum trip length)
    • Additional Worldwide cover for 90 days per year (45 day maximum trip length).
  5. Other riders
    This option allows other members of your family, club, group or association to use your bicycle (they must be over 12). Theft and accidental damage are covered.
  6. You have now ''created your own cover'! Please make sure you understand your Policy 
    You now have 3 options:
    • You can save your quote and have it emailed to you for future use.
    • Continue through the application and take out cover online.
    • Spend the next hour hunting the web for another quote!
  7. How to pay
    Once you've completed the application process, just choose how you wish to pay:
    • Online - by single payment by credit/debit card
    • Online - over 12 monthly instalments
  8. That's it - you're covered!
    Within 3 working days we will either send your welcome letter and confirmation schedule to you by post or electronically by email, which will list all the items insured and confirm all the components of the cover you have selected. You will need to download the policy wording via a link in the confirmation email or whilst completing your application.

If you want to change details of the cover, you can contact us on 0345 450 6751 or amend the details of your policy online.

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