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Please note: the explanation of terms below is intended for guidance only; for contractual definitions, refer to the policy wordings.

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Annual payment - a one-off payment in advance to cover a year’s insurance. This is the cheapest way of obtaining cover.

Annual policy - all Liabilityguard Photo policies, even when paid by direct debit, are annual policies and cover you for a full 12 months unless cancelled by either party under our standard cancellation terms.

Commencement date - the date that the policy starts.

Excess - this is the amount of money that you contribute towards the cost of a claim. With Liabilityguard Photo there is £500 excess for each and every claim for third party property damage.

There is no excess for personal accident claims or third party claims for injury.

Period of insurance - the length of time for which you are covered, all Liabilityguard Photo policies run for a period of 12 months even when being paid by monthly direct debit.

Personal accident - if you have an accident whilst using your equipment, this provides cover up to £10,000 for death & permanent total disablement and £5,000 for loss of limb or eye.

Personal liability - this is the same as public liability.

Photographer - our collective term to describe people that use film, digital or video cameras (camcorders), binoculars, telescopes and other related audio visual equipment.

Photographic equipment - our term to collectively describe:

  • photographic equipment (film, digital and related accessories)
  • sound and lighting equipment
  • camcorders and video equipment (film, digital and related accessories)
  • binoculars and telescopes
  • and other audio visual equipment.

Policy summary - this is a brief outline of the terms and conditions including any significant exclusions or conditions of an insurance policy. The summary is not a substitute for reading the full policy wording.

Policy wording - this sets out in full the terms and conditions of your insurance cover. It is essential that you read the wording and comply with any terms and conditions it sets out. We have made it as straightforward as possible to read and understand.

Much of the information provided on this site is for guidance – only the relevant policy wording can be taken as a binding contract.

Premium - the amount you pay (either a single amount in advance or by credit agreement with Thistle Insurance Services Limited) to provide annual insurance cover for you.

Public liability - this provides cover against damage to persons or property caused by your proven negligence. Liabilityguard Photo includes £1 million cover as standard but you can upgrade to £2 or £5 million.

Terms of business - the basis on which you do business with us. Click for more information.

Third-party liability - this is the same as public liability.

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